Pool Table Movers And Moving Billiards
Moving a pool table can be a lot like moving a piano, except for the obvious difference, a piano can’t be disassembled. It probably makes the pool table seem as if it’s easier to be move, but that isn’t the case. An average pool table weighs around 1,000 pounds. To make this whole process easier, try to get some of your friends to help you out, around three or four should do the trick. Once you have the right amount of guys, the first thing you need to do to move the pool table is to as we mentioned, disassemble the pool table.
First thing first, make sure you have the proper tools, such as staple puller, flat head screw driver, and goggles simply to protect those valuable eyes. First step, use the staple puller to remove the staples from out of the pocket straps. Make sure you find the correct pocket size to take out the bolts from underneath of the rails. An average table will have around three for each rail. The rails should be ready to pop-out now; you can pull them off, just slide them out individually.
Now the table needs to be flipped over, use caution however, the side pockets could collapse from impact of the weight as you flip it over. Those guys you had come over and help out would be handy for that step. Once it’s over, the pockets can be easily removed.
Second step, the felt must come off. Chances are it’s either glued or stapled to the table, or possibly even both. If it’s stapled, you’re going to go around the table and remove each staple. If the felt is glued to the billiards table, be gentle, because it’s possible to rip the felt near the pocket areas. Once the felt is off you’re headed towards the home stretch.
Next step, the slate has to be lifted off the frame of the table. The best tool to remove the screws from the slate is a drill with replaceable screwdriver heads. Some tables have those hard to find screws; they could be covered up with either plaster or beeswax. Beeswax could be dug out with any screwdriver, but if its plaster, you’re going to need a carbide drill to get the plaster out. Go slowly with the drill, you could ruin the screw head. The slate should have a screw on each corner, once the screws are removed, it is ready for shipment.
The fourth step, simply take the legs off the frame. You can easily take frame, flip it upside down and place on the slate in the van. The rails can go on top of the frame. Make sure all pieces are wrapped to protect the wood and finish from getting damaged. Also, like I said earlier, a pool table can be up to 1,000 pounds. If you don’t have the right truck, rent one, don’t risk damaging your own.
If this all sounds like too much and you don’t want to move it on your own and save some money, hire professional movers Like Best Way Moving to handle your pool table moving.