Moving Hot Tub And Spa Movers
The  Safest Way To Move Your Hot Tub
Your portable hot tub represents a sizable investment in your comfort and enjoyment. Naturally, you want to safeguard it from damage during your move. With careful pre-planning and proper preparation, it can be transported safely to your destination.
The Pre-Move Survey.
  • Be sure to point out your hot tub to the moving company representative as the time of your estimate.
  • Because of the space portable hot tubs take on a moving van, a “bulky article charge” will be included in your estimate.
  • If you do not have an exact record of the cost of the hot tub (including any accessories you have purchased), you may want to obtain the current retail price prior to selecting a protection plan for your mover.
Preparation Before The Move.
The construction of hot tubs varies greatly, so it’s best to call the dealer or manufacturer before dismantling any part of the unit. A few rules of thumb, however, do apply.
  • Most important is that the equipment pack be serviced prior to the move. The equipment pack consists of the heater,     filter(s), pump, blower, and electrical and plumbing units. It weighs about 40 pounds, with most bolted down by screws.
  • Many dealers recommend removing the equipment pack, draining it and packing it separately in a sturdy box; however, for some models, it’s best to leave it attached to the shell.
  • If you have had the unit only a short time and have not experienced draining it yourself, either call the dealer to make arrangements or obtain instructions on doing it yourself. Most hot tubs are equipped with a hose bibb drain that attaches directly to a garden hose.
  • After draining, a hot tub typically still contains about five or six gallons of water. You should use a wet-dry vac to remove the remaining water so it does not spill and damage your carpeting and/or floor.
  • If you are moving from a warm climate to a cooler one where freezing temperatures are possible during the move, the entire plumbing system should be drained by a high-pressure vacuum. This will eliminate potential damage to the pipes. You should not attempt to do this yourself.
Upon Delivery.


When you reach destination, carefully check your hot tub. If there is any damage or missing parts, make a notation on the inventory. Most moving companies, as a part of their normal services, will place a hot tub in the location you request at destination. You should plan for reassembly of your unit by a local dealer. If you need help in making these arrangements, check with your agent prior to your move.

Remember, pre-planning is the key to successful transportation of your hot tub, just as it is with your other treasured possessions. Your efforts before the move will ensure the enjoyment of your hot tub for years to come.